Someone Is Still Waiting For Me

“SOMEONE IS STILL WAITING FOR ME” is a film set in the present time. Through the perspective of present day complexity and dreariness, four women are fighting for their stands, integrity, dignity and right to make their own decision when it comes to answering the question: “Give birth or extinguish a life?”


The film is comprised of three related stories: in the first one ("The Waiting Room"), Vanja and Dara, two middle-aged women of different social backgrounds, meet at the waiting room of a clinic as they wait to have an abortion. This unexpected encounter will raise a host of personal questions and make them rethink their decision. In the second story ("The Road"), set in a rural area of Serbia, a mother is taking her daughter along a road to see a doctor who lives alone in a train carriage and illegally performs abortions. During this journey, we see a confrontation of traditional views against pregnancy outside of wedlock and of juvenile wish to give birth to a new life out of love. The third story ("Water") shows Nada, a young woman in her late twenties who is in a prison cell, recalling the tragic events that forced her to kill her husband. At the clinic where she is taken in a police van to have an abortion, she encounters someone she did not expect to see there.

Genre: Drama

Country of production: Serbia

Year of production: 2009

Broadcaster: RTS

Duration: 92' 16:9 HD

Director. Marko Novakovic

Cast: Anica Dobra, Nada Sargin, Dusanka Stojanovic, Marija Vickovic...

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