The Stowaway on The Ship of Lunatics

By producing this theatrical film, RTS is commemorating the century of the death of the eminent Serbian storyteller Petar Kocic who spent the last period of his life in a mental institution in Guberervac in Belgrade during the occupation in 1916

The film paints a grim picture of Belgrade under the occupation. The lives of the doctors, patients and workers are portrayed in a tragicomical manner and they serve as a metaphore of a life "lived in freedom on a free teritory". While the terror of occupation, death and desolation are are raging, outside, respect, mutual understanding and care prevails in this absurd oasis of peace, on this "ship of lunatics".


When stowaways board the ship (escapees from the occupational powers) finding a secure refuge from internment, the story about Petar Kocic becomes a simbolic story about good and evil, like the story of daring David and heartless Goliath. This television film opens another, more intimate theme about human envy that comes from the lack of true artistic talent. The pathological hatred of those who lack talent but have power and their need to persecute and take revenge on the free-spirited and talented is portrayed in this movie in a intriguing and tragic manner, through successive scenes of human suffering, missery and moral decline.

Even the ruler of the destinies of the inhabitants of the mental institution, the deputy of the military guvernman of Belgrade, Kosta Herman is aware that Petar Kocic has escaped him with the greatness of his talent which he will never be able to understand and let alone achieve.

Genre: Drama

Country of production: Serbia

Year of production: 2016

Original broadcast: RTS

Duration: 102' HD

Director: Goran Markovic

Cast: Svetozar Cvetkovic, Igor Djordjevic, Tihomir Stanic, Masa Dakic, Radoje Cupic, Jelena Djokic, and others.

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