TV series

субота, 04. дец 2021, 15:55 -> 09:44

The Defender

TV series “The Defender” is based on true stories recorded in the books of the attorney Oliver Injac “The Great Attorney’s Defences” and attorney Filota Fila “I defended the people on death row”, and actual...


уторак, 09. нов 2021, 13:51 -> 14:03

Jovanka Broz And The Secret Services



четвртак, 09. сеп 2021, 13:31 -> 13:46

Bad Blood

The series is based on a story by Bora Stanković...


субота, 04. сеп 2021, 15:42 -> 14:05




петак, 04. јун 2021, 13:16 -> 09:44

Radio Mileva

The comedy “Radio Mileva” follows the everyday life of Mileva, Natalija, and Sonja, three generations of the Majstorović family living under the same roof...


четвртак, 03. јун 2021, 16:33 -> 09:45

Mud On The Tires

The title "Mud On The Tires" is taken from a country song about a man who buys a truck, and then invites a girl to take a ride and get a little mud on the tires. ...


уторак, 15. дец 2020, 14:00 -> 10:01


The subject of the series is a story of two characters with the same name - Kosta...


уторак, 01. дец 2020, 13:48 -> 15:39

Truck Drivers LTD

"Truck Drivers Ltd." is an eternal comic story about truck drivers...


петак, 20. нов 2020, 13:14 -> 15:41

Mom and Dad are Playing War



недеља, 15. нов 2020, 12:35 -> 15:09

Family Bošković Case

This is a story about a seemingly ordinary urban family, ordinary in every sense except in the way they perceive life and everything life brings...


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