Towards “Beosong 2013“

Maja Nikolić will be hosting the election of the Serbian representative at this year’s “Eurosong”, that will be held on March 2nd and 3rd, and Gorica Nešović and Dragan Ilić will talk to the competitors. Live broadcast from RTS studio will be carried out with 13 cameras. Viewers will be able to send up to five SMS messages from one phone number.

The RTS decision to make a festival the way of electing the Serbia's representative was enthusiastically embraced by "Eurovision Song Contest" fans, especially by the audience that loves real festivals that have been scarce over the years.

Competitive character of "Beosong 2013" makes this event even more attractive, but the non-competitive show-program will be equally exciting.

In accordance with the financial situation, Radio Television of Serbia relied on its own resources organizing the festival in its major TV studios and engaging its very experienced staff when this type of event is concerned.

RTS creative team has designed the visual identity of the festival, while the "Beosong 2013" logo TV viewers have already been familiarized with in the program announcements. It seems that everyone is equally anxious for the festival to begin - the contestants, the audience and the organizers.

"Live TV broadcast of the "Beosong 2013" Festival will be carried out with 13 cameras from two RTS studios on Košutnjak. The set will be dominated by large TV screens. During two two-hour shows - two live TV broadcasts of the Festival, the viewers will be offered an exceptional visual experience in HD quality of picture and sound," said Ivan Stefanović, the director of "Beosong" TV broadcast.

Maja Nikolić will be the host in the central studio, and Gorica Nešović and Dragan Ilić in Studio 9 will chitchat and await the results of the voting with the competitors.

Dragoljub Ilić, the editor of the "Beosong 2013" says: "This year we decided to bring back a festival as a method of selecting a representative. The election itself is as democratic as possible. The winner of the festival, as well as Serbian representative at the 58th 'Eurosong' in Sweden, will be decided only via voting of Serbian citizens.

The voting will last for 10 minutes on both nights. Up to five SMS messages can be sent from one phone number.

During the first festival night, Serbian citizens will through SMS voting elect the best five songs.

During the finals, SMS voting exclusively will decide on the winner of the festival "Beosong 2013".

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