Tijana Bogićević - biography

Tijana Bogićević is a Serbian pop singer, best known for her song “Tražim” ("Searching") she recorded in 2010. This song has since become a big hit. From the early age Tijana has displayed remarkable aptitude for music and it is no wonder she has chosen it as her career path.

She says that meeting Vlado Georgiev in 2001 was the turning point in her professional career because that year she joined his band as a backing vocal. While cooperating with Georgiev, she sang as a backup singer for his studio recordings and performed in concerts throughout the region. At the same time she was working with her own band that has become one of the most popular on the club scene.

Although she become recognized as an excellent backing vocal, Tijana points out that she always wanted to pursue a career of a solo artist.

In 2010 she recorded the song "Tražim" ("Searching") which became a big hit and was particularly popular in different Talent show programs that have been mushrooming in recent years.
In 2011 she participated in the Eurovision Song Contest as a backing vocal representing Serbia with Nina and the song "Čaroban" ("Magical"). Tijana considers this experience an invaluable one and says that since then her great wish was to take part in the contest again.

Other songs that have received a lot of attention are Tijana's duets with the band "Flamingosi" and Aleksa Jelić, as well as the touching ballad "Čudo" ("Miracle") composed and produced by Dušan Alagić. She has just finished recording the album with the same producer and it is expected to come out this autumn.

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