My Generation Z

The "My Generation Z" series talks about teenagers who succeeded the famous "millennials", the "Z" generation, or the graduates of Belgrade high school (born in 2000, in the year of the Dragon in Chinese astrology).


We follow the two-class heroes (from blue and red shift) in the first days of the new school year in which they will make important life decisions. Dramatic complications, enriched with humor and music, talk about dilemmas and problems, as well as the joys in the life of young people in Serbia, their parents and professors.

Genre: Teenage Drama/ComedyCountry of production: Serbia

Year of production: 2019.

Season: I

No. of episodes: 44x30'

Cast: Predrag Vasic, Jovana Milovanovic, Katarina Zivkovic, Nikola Stankovic, Jana Milosavljevic, Nemanja Rafailovic, Kristijan Markovic, Nenad Petrovic and many others.

Screenplay: Vladimir Simic, Vladimir Cosic, Milena Depolo, Milan Konjevic, Nina Dzuver and Branislav Cernjev
Director: Milos Petricic, Milan Konjevic, Branko Vucic and Kosta Ristic

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