ESC 2007 winner supports Serbian team for Malmő

The winner of the Eurovision Marija Šerifović generously supported Serbian team for Malmo 2013 Marija Šerifović, who won the Eurovision trophy in 2007 for Serbia, visited Moje 3 during rehearsals.

With Mirna, Sara and Nevena she shared her Eurovision experience, especially in the domain of singing and stage performance.

The girls were honored with Marija`s visit and had a lot of questions about the performance of the song infront the audience of 100 million people.

Co-author of the winning Serbian song "Molitva" was Saša Milošević Mare, who is composer of "Ljubav je svuda" - Serbian entry for Malmo 2013.

Two of them also collaborated later, after ESC 2007 and achieved a friendly relationship.

Marija Šerifovic took this visit as way to show her full support for Milošević work, Serbia and Moje 3.

Preparations of Serbian eurovision team are in full swing, the girls schedule is full but it seems that Mirna, Sara and and Nevena enjoyed every segment and easily fulfill all the obligations.

What's more Serbian Eurovision winner advised her young colleagues, for now remain as a secret.

The song "Love is everywhere" Moje 3 will perform in native Serbian language in which the Šerifović sing "Molitva" and won the ESC 2007.

Марија Шерифовић и Моје 3
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