Serbian Song for Europe

On Saturday, March 12, at 21.00, the Radio-Television of Serbia will present the special show "Serbian Song for Europe" at RTS 1, RTS Satellite and For the first time, the viewers will have the opportunity to hear the song "Goodbye", with which Sanja Vučić ZAA will represent Serbia at this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

The music and lyrics of the Serbian song were written by Ivana Peters, whereas the arrangement and production are credited to Ivan Ilić and Uroš Marković. The song "Goodbye" is an emotional and powerful love song which sends a strong message about violence against women. The Serbian version of the song is called "Behind the Smile".

This year, RTS has hired all of its authoring and production and technical resources, which is why Sanja Vučić ZAA will be accompanied by the members of the RTS Symphony Orchestra and RTS Big Band. By making this choice, RTS is providing not only declaratory, but also direct support to young and talented people in Serbia.

Throughout the show, the viewers will be introduced to ZAA, her dreams, desires and fears. Her great talent and rich voice will leave no one indifferent. Our four anchors will be in charge of the good atmosphere in the studio - Slobodan Šarenac will check whether our representative has competitive spirit and whether she will do her best to win, Vlada Jelić will see whether she knows to sing and will be the first to announce that in the news, Dejan Pantelić will try to drive her up the wall by posing her quiz questions, while Milan Popović will take a peek into her soul and check whether she has packed the Serbian flag in her suitcase for Europe.

Also, find out why Seka Sablić, a Serbian actress, will be the special guest of our show and ZAA's heart. You will hear what our representative, student of the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, has to say to the fans of the European Song Contest in Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, French and English.

Serbian Song for Europe, Saturday, March 12, 21.00, RTS 1, RTS Satellite,

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