“Vestiges” takes place during World War I in Valjevo.


Milosev, a retired metal worker, and his wife Kata, a Hungarian from Banat, are celebrating their 50th anniversary of a happy and harmonious marriage. Armies of both Serbian and Austro-Hungarian officers, aide-de-camps, soldiers and prisoners march through their home. The characters of this drama and their personal fates intertwine with the tempest of a meaningless and cruel war up until the moment when the harmonious life of the Milošev family is disrupted by Kata's irrational nationalist zeal, awaken, resurrected and fatal, one that would add a tragic note to the plot of this drama.

Genre: Drama

Country of production: Serbia

Year of production:2014

Broadcaster: RTS

Duration: 82' 16:9 HD

Director: Misko Milojevic

Cast: Predrag Ejdus, Gabriela Jonas, Nebojsa Milovanovic, Nenad Stojmenovic..

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