Christmas Eve

The screenplay for this television drama is a compilation of two short stories by Branislav Nusic: "Frau Milchbrot" and "County's Child".

Nusic's motifs served as a base to tell an old story in a new voice. Satirical and humoristic elements typical of Nušić are intertwined with a story with a moving twist and happy ending, with one orphan finding a family, and a middle-aged childless couple getting to know the greatest joy of late-year parenthood on the very Christmas Eve...

Genre: Comedy

Country of production: Serbia

Year of production: 2015

Original broadcast: RTS

Duration: 70', color, 16:9 HD

Director: Misko Milojevic

Cast: Anita Mancic, Dragan Micanovic, Gorica Popovic, Nikola Vujovic...

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