A retired professor of neuropsychiatry, Slavisa Petronijevic, lives in his apartment with his daughter Milica, son-in-law Stojan and granddaughter Dragana. He has Alzheimer's which is why life with his family becomes increasingly complicated, both for himself and for his family. Milica and Stojan want to place him in a retirement home, but Slavisa tries to show them that everything is still alright with him. In time, that becomes increasingly difficult...


Genre: Drama

Country of production: Serbia

Year of production: 2015

Broadcaster: RTS

Dutation: 90' 16:9 HD

Director: Marko Novakovic

Cast: Vlastimir Djuza Stojiljkovic, Nataša Ninkovic, Aleksandar Djurica, Miodrag Krstovic..

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