среда, 19. јул 2017, 14:19 -> 10:18

Journey to Future

In its first season, “Journey to Future” takes us on a voyage through history of fine arts in our region, from the 1950s until the beginning of 1970s ...


среда, 19. јул 2017, 14:23 -> 10:13

Art Thrillers

Eight stories told in twelve episodes about the intriguing events in the world of art and art collecting ...


среда, 19. јул 2017, 13:56 -> 16:41

The Great Heroes Of Serbian Middle Ages

For the first time, viewers will be able to see some artifacts and archeological sites from medieval times that have never been filmed before. ...


среда, 19. јул 2017, 13:48 -> 10:24

Diana’s Children

Documentary film titled “Diana’s Children” is a story of a woman who saved more than 7,000 Serbian children from the Ustashi concentration camp Jasenovac ...


среда, 19. јул 2017, 14:26 -> 09:58

The Forgotten Admiral

Biographical documentary about the British Admiral Ernest Troubridge ...


петак, 22. јул 2016, 09:56 -> 09:56

City of Gold and Silver

The medieval city of Novo Brdo is a city of silver and gold ...


уторак, 19. јул 2016, 14:46 -> 10:12

Serbs On Corfu A Hundred Years Since the Albanian Golgotha

The documentary film "Serbs on Corfu – A Hundred Years Since the Albanian Golgotha" gives a record of the greatest hardships of Serbian Army and people - the Albanian Golgotha ...


недеља, 19. јул 2015, 15:58 -> 08:38


Prix CIRCOM 2016 for the best music documentary ...


петак, 05. јун 2015, 00:39 -> 10:25

Sugar Factory

“Sugar Factory” is a personal history of a country that no longer exists. At the same time, it is also a story of an unusual place and people who left their permanent mark in it ...


уторак, 22. јул 2014, 09:43 -> 08:36


Stecak is the name for monumental medieval tombstones.. ...