RTS Children Choir "Kolibri"

The Children’s Choir "Kolibri" (kolibri meaning "hummingbird") was founded in 1963, by Milica Manojlović who conducted the ensemble within the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation for four decades.

"Kolibri" is an unique children's choir with its own distinct style of singing, inimitable and pleasant performance, and a highly professional attitude towards music nurtured with love towards music, with an active interpretation of music which it delivers to audiences with great pleasure.

During the last fifty years, the "Kolibri" Choir has given hundreds of concerts at home and abroad, has taken part in radio dramas, and made regular appearances in television and films.
The Choir has recorded 19 single and 42 LP records, seven audiotapes, four CDs and three video tapes, all released by PGP-RTS. The Kolibri Choir's latest CD - "Kolibri planeta" - was released in December 2013. 

Exceptional artistic achievements has brought the choir a number of awards, among which are: the Diploma of Radio Belgrade for the contribution to the development of children's and youth music, the Golden Ring of the Serbian Cultural and Educational Union, Diploma of the Serbian Composer's Union for the contribution to the development of musical creativity, the "UNICEF Acknowledgement", Golden Syrian of the Radio Television of Belgrade (RTB) for the biggest yearly achievement of RTB, the "Silver Laureate Wreath" for work, the "Medal of Days of Mokranjac", the "Days of Mokranjac Award" and the "Zmaj Award". 

The Kolibri Choir has given concerts at home and abroad, took part in radio dramas, and made regular appearances on television and films. All their recordings are published by the Music Production of Serbian Radio and TV (PGP RTS). "Kolibri" performed in Bolshoi Theatre in Musorgsky's opera "Boris Godunov. Kolibri and Milica Manojlović worked with Oliver Dragojević, Bajaga, Dragan Laković, Đuza Stojiljković, Minja Subota, Tanja Bošković, Riblja Čorba, Ljubiša Simić, Kemal Monteno, Sedmorica Mladih, Tamburica 5, Bora Dugić and many other musicians, actors and artists in former Yugoslavia. 

Today the conductor of the Kolibri Choir is Ljiljana Ranđelović.

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