RTS Children Choir

Over 65 years, RTS Children's Choir has performed the most significant vocal-instrumental pieces.

The Children’s choir was founded in 1947 at the initiative of Ljubomir Kocic, who was its first conductor. Srdjan Baric was the next to conduct the Choir while as of 1952 Zlatan Vauda took over the lead.

During three decades of Vauda’s work the choir has achieved numerous significant artistic and pedagogic results.Children from the age of 10 to 16 sing in the choir. 

At the very beginning the Choir was performing music for children by domestic and foreign authors. In time, the repertoire grew and the Choir begun to take part in serious projects including complex scores of classical music. 

With great success the Choir has performed the most significant vocal-instrumental pieces, such as “Passion by Mathew”, “Passion by John” and “Passion by Luke” by J.S. Bach, “Jean D’Arc” by A. Honeger, “Spring Symphony” by К. Penderetsky, “War Requiem” by B. Britten, “Faust’s Damnation” by H. Berlioz, etc… 

Since 1994, the choir is conducted by Snezana Despotovic. 

The RTS Children’s choir continues to partake in demanding vocal-instrumental pieces G. B. Pergolezi “Stabat Mater”, R. Kambasakovic “Requiem”, V. Rubin “Evening songs”, “Kadish Symphony” L.Bernstein and “Symphony No.8” G.Mahler. For the performance of “Liturgy” by V. Djordjevic at the “Choirs among frescoes” Festival, the choir gained a special laudation. The choir also sings in the National Theatre Opera, in G. Bizet’s “Carmen”, Puccini’s “La Boheme” and P. Huperdinke’s “Hansel and Gretchen”. 

The last two performances of RTS Children’s Choir was Athens theatre “Irodio”, Greece in 2003 and 2004 on the occasion of cultural manifestation “Children pigeons singing for peace – honoring the peace and Olympics”. The RTS Children’s choir also took part in numerous important manifestations: “Zmaj’s games for children”, “Festival of the child” in Sibenik, “Summer games of Dubrovnik”, “Children, sing with us”, “Thursday’s gatherings”, “BEMUS”, “Choirs among frescoes”. 

The Choir plays an important role in the musical life, not only in Belgrade and Serbia but abroad as well. Apart from concert activities, the choir extensively records for the needs of Serbian Broadcasting Corporation. 

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