RTS Symphony Orchestra

The Symphony Orchestra of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation was founded seven decades ago, and it represents one of the pillars of music in Belgrade and Serbia.

The Symphony Orchestra, focused on its main course of duty, which is performing and recording music for the needs of RTS radio and TV programs, also continuously performs in public concerts in the country and abroad.

The individuality of the Orchestra activity is based on a careful repertoire policy with precise selection of programs. The two most vivid capacities of these programs are reflected primarily in performance of complex compositions of international orchestra literature, classical epoch and contemporary music, capital oratorios realized together with the RTS Choir, as well as in continuous performance of most important works of domestic musical heritage and of contemporary Serbian composers.

Throughout the years the Orchestra was pursuing this exceptional mission without making any concessions of appealing to the widest audience which is not always willing to listen to unfamiliar sounds and modern expressions. This would be the exact reason why performances of this Orchestra have during the concert seasons and on tours abroad and in the territory of former Yugoslavia (Summer games in Dubrovnik, Zagreb Biennale, Opatija tribune, BEMUS, Days of Mokranjac) have given invaluable contribution to promotion of national music.

Symphony Orchestra of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation was founded back in 1937, and its first conductors and founding fathers were Dr.Vojislav Vučković and Mihajlo Vukdragović.

Nowadays, the Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Orchestra is maestro Bojan Sudjic, who is also Chief Conductor of all 7 ensembles of Music Production of RTS.

Among the conductors who achieved great creations with this artistic ensemble performing the greatest and the most famous pieces of the music literature were: Igor Markevich, Zubin Mehta, Eleazar Karvayo, Efrem Kurtz, Charles Ditua, Friedrich Zaun, Lorin Mazel, Mstislav Rastropovitch, Vladimir Fedosejev, Oscar Danon, Mikis Theodorakis, Alexander Apolin, Milen Nachev and others. Excellent cooperation was also realized with chief conductors of the Orchestra, among which are Mladen Jagust, Vanco Cavdarski and Bojan Sudjic.

Prominent artists from all over the world performed as soloists with this Orchestra – Henrik Shering, Christian Feras, Uto Ugi, Valerij Klimov, Ilja Grubert, Igor Oystrach, Sreten Krstic, Jovan Kolundzija, Andre Navarra, Antonio Janigro, Mario Brunelo, Ksenija Jankovic, Kiryl Rodin, Herman Bauman, Vladimir Ashkenazi, Kendal Taylor, Nikolai Orlov, Philippe Entremon, Aldo Chiccolini, Ivo Pogorelic, Eliso Virsaladze, Aleksandar Madzar, Natasha Veljkovic, Jasminka Stanchul, Monserrat Caballe, Zinka Kunc, Galina Vishnjevska, Melanija Bugarinovic, Biserka Cvejic, Ljiljana Molnar-Talajic, Ruza Pospis-Baldani, Aleksandra Ivanovic etc.

The Symphony Orchestra had very successful tours in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Romania and Morocco, and received very flattering reviews.

The Orchestra made a great number of studio recordings many of which were issued on LPs and CD by RTS Records Production.

One of the main artistic goals of the Orchestra is nurturing and premiere performing of Serbian national musical opus.



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(петак, 27. јан 2012, 06:14)
Mathew [нерегистровани]

Bravo !

I just found you on YouTube and I love your 'Pirates' and also your 'Star Wars'. I totally enjoy watching you all play - it is so fantastic to watch musicians having fun and enjoying their music. It makes the listener enjoy it even more. It is especially fun to watch some members such as the snare drum player who really gets into his music !
Well done, keep it up, and I look forward to hearing more of your music.

Toronto, Canada.

(недеља, 28. феб 2010, 01:39)
Peter [нерегистровани]

Great job!

I've just seen your performance on YouTube. I love your Pirates! You really enjoy your music. Best wishes from the UK!