Ksenija Kočetova

"Svetla pale se za nas" (The lights are lit for us) music and arrangement: Maksim Kočetov. Lyrics: Ksenija Kočetova and Toni Malbašić

Since her first musical steps at the age of four, up to the Music academy in Kiev (Ukraine), she committed her whole life to music and believes that she can change the world with her music - for the better!

After receiving classical music education, for the last ten years, thanks to the unselfish help of Olga Voichenko, she committed herself to funk, blues and jazz music trying to bring them closer to the audience at home and abroad with great success.

Together with her husband Maxim, a saxophone player, composer and arranger, and their daughter Katarina who plays piano and sings, they make a little family musical workshop where they bring together their creative ideas for their musical and stage appearance. At the moment she is finishing her first solo album in Serbian and in English. Many of her previous projects were completed with great success.

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