Serbia : 171 songs submitted for Beosong 2013

Radio Television of Serbia Communiqué regarding the "BEOSONG 2013" Festival

In response to the competition for the "BEOSONG 2013" Festival, launched on December 1st 2012, 171 compositions have been submitted. The Selection Committee consisting of musical experts, shall review the compositions submitted and then choose 15 which will compete at the Festival on March 2nd and 3rd.

In line with the Festival rules, the members of the Selection Committee shall not be disclosed ensure the regularity of the selection process. Since the Competition deadline expired on January 22nd, the opening of the envelopes and the verification of the compliance with the rules of the applications received has been initiated.

We reiterate the fact that the Festival voting will be exclusively via SMS, i.e. that the Serbian representative for the Eurovision Song Contest will be chosen by the national television audience.

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